UniBA Mathematical Physics Seminar 2021-22

Wednesdays 3.30pm (Mercoledì 15.30) Google Meet Link

Nov 3, 2021 Robert Seiringer (IST Austria)Quantum fluctuations and dynamics of a strongly coupled polaron[Slides]
Nov 24, 2021Pavel Exner (Prague)A product formula and its application to Zeno quantum dynamics[Slides]
Dec 14 (Tue), 2021
Francesco Pepe (Bari)The many facets of quantum decay in a simple hopping model[Slides]
Mar 2, 2022Marco Zamparo (Bari)TBA
Mar 30, 2022Brian Hall (Notre Dame)TBA
Apr 6, 2022Elia Bisi (Vienna)TBA
Apr 27, 2022Gregory Berkolaiko (Texas)TBA
May 11, 2022Pierpaolo Vivo (London)TBA

Past seminars

UniBA Mathematical Physics Seminar 2020-21

Tuesdays 3.30pm (Martedì 15.30) Zoom Link

Apr 20, 2021Serena Cenatiempo (GSSI L’Aquila)Bogoliubov theory for weakly interacting bosons[Slides]
May 18, 2021Marcello Porta (SISSA Trieste)Correlation energy of a weakly interacting Fermi gas[Slides]
May 25, 2021Alessandro Michelangeli (Bonn)Effective quantum dynamics of composite Bose-Einstein condensates [Slides]
Jun 8, 2021Tomaž Prosen (Ljubljana)Exactly solved models of chaotic many-body dynamics[Slides]
Jun 15, 2021Eva-Maria Graefe (London)A non-Hermitian PT-symmetric kicked top[Slides]
Jun 22, 2021Karol Życzkowski (Cracow, Warsaw)The spectra of random operations and random Lindblad operators[Slides]
Jun 29, 2021Cécilia Lancien (Toulouse)Typical correlations and entanglement in random MPS and PEPS[Slides]

Organisers: Fabio Deelan Cunden and Marilena Ligabò